This year marked Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair and Career Clinic’s 10th year of operation. The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) couldn’t let it pass without celebrating this milestone massively. HRDC celebrated in style by staging the BHRDS Fair and Career Clinics in three places being; Francistown, the Country’s second city, Maun and Gaborone for the grand finale.

In 2010, the then Tertiary Education Council (T.E.C.) organised the very first Botswana Tertiary Education Fair (BTEF).  This event sought to bring together all registered local Education and Training Institutions (TEIs) to exhibit their available programmes of study to prospective learners.

This was the beginning of a noble idea that, would become an annual event that provides guidance to learners who in the past desperately searched for institutions of higher learning and were not certain where to find the courses they were interested in ten (10) years later the event has been rebranded to better resonate with the new mandate of HRDC which drives the country’s human capital agenda.

The BHRDS Fair and Career Clinics being one of the best fairs around the world offers a wonderful platform where learners interact with the education and training institutions of their choice and interests.

It is imperative to know which learning institution is the right one before making a decision. This exercise is aided by HRDC’s ability to offer Sector based Career Clinics, where learners get to meet experts from all sectors of the economy and acquire information on the required skills in demand by the economy.

It is during the BHRDS Fair and Career Clinics, where learners get the opportunity to get one - on - one guidance on choice of learning programmes, feel of the education and learning institution, firsthand information, opportunity to clarify any uncertainities regarding the chosen programme, explore the possibilities of financing for their education and get to know the merits of sponsorships and scholarships available.

The BHRDS Fair offers current students and potential Masters learning programme applicants to discover their dream programmes and also get a feel of other suitable study options as well as meet learning institutions representatives in person including their peers who may have similar goals for their education and career moves.

Giving the remarks at the official opening ceremony that was held on the 26th March 2019 in Gaborone, the Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology Honourable Thapelo Olopeng highlighted, ‘‘ According to the World Bank, knowledge economies are defined by four pillars: institutional structures that provide incentives for entrepreneurship and the use of knowledge; skilled labour availability and good education systems; ICT infrastructure and access; and finally, a vibrant innovation eco-system.’’

He further noted that, ‘‘In a bid to transform this economy, Government has increased the number of sponsored students from 11,998 students in the year 2017/18 to 13,490 students in the 2018/19. Currently the total number of students under government sponsorship is 35,777, including 522 students in external placement. The areas that have been prioritised for training are; Health, Engineering, Professional Accounting, Finance and Business.

We believe this will help the country to increase the number of industry specific skills to improve the chances of our graduates being globally competitive.’’  

For many learners, teachers and parents, the Fair and Career Clinics has been a welcome development.

The BHRDS Fair and Career Clinics have provided a one- stop- shop where one can gather all information that will assist them to make informed career choices.

The event has grown through the years with exhibitors coming from regional and international countries.

It is not just a fair for Education and Training Institutions, it also includes; Development Partners, Government Ministries, Banking Institutions, Medical Aid providers and other Parastatal organisations.

Additionally, HRDC brings together experts from the established 12 Human Resource Development (HRD) Sector Committees to share with learners information about their respective fields.


News Date: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2019