The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) on the 19th of October 2018 held the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Gala Dinner at TraveLodge in Gaborone aimed at raising funds. They will serve as an enabler towards realisation of HRDC’s CSR Programme initiatives in line with the Government’s call for the nation at large to take part in uplifting and positively impacting the lives of the less-privileged citizens.

HRDC drives a CSR Programme that espouses human needs targeting communities that have socio – economic challenges such as advancement of education and shelter among others. Many people throughout the world are homeless. Some are forced by circumstances to live with relatives which often brings about issues of neglect or abuse.

It is in this regard that the HRDC CSR Committee believed that investing in and collaborating with stakeholders through staging the first CSR Gala Dinner will raise funds that will support initiatives/projects that provide sustainable solutions to the most

pressing social challenges. The CSR Guidelines are motivated by the mandate of the Organisation, Vision 2036 and Government National Strategies. In outlining the CSR Programme, the HRDC - CEO Dr Raphael Dingalo asserted, “It is an honour for me to introduce the CSR Programme geared towards creating a legacy of prosperity and sustainability with communities in Botswana.

It is through the CSR Programme that HRDC has clearly heeded a call to make a difference in the lives of Batswana through CSR Programme initiatives. At HRDC, we have a close - knit family of staff who are both compassionate and caring, and have embraced the CSR programme. To-date, they have contributed, money, books, and items of clothing and in kind to initiatives geared towards social upliftment of our kin.”

In her welcoming Remarks, the HRDC Board Chairperson Mrs Moggie Mbaakanyi pointed out that as HRDC, “We are determined to touch and change one life at a time, instilling hope and influencing one’s destiny for the better. Our gathering here tonight, is a testimony that being constantly locked up in boardrooms and meeting rooms of high profile organisations, has not stripped us of our sense of kindness and compassion; and neither has, the advancement of new technologies, of robotics, of the Fourth (4th) Industrial Revolution. Some fundamental things in life remain unchanged, and that is our sense of humanity which is deeply encoded in our principle of Botho.”

Mrs Mbaakanyi highlighted that these values transcend generations to generations; and as they transit from Vision 2016 to Vision 2036 people should not lose sight of the founding pillars of building a Compassionate, Just and Caring nation. “We must understand that everything else, from economic growth to Prosperity for All, is anchored on our own free will to advance the course of social justice and enhance the quality of life for all” emphasised Mrs Mbaakanyi.

The keynote speaker, The First Lady of the Republic of Botswana Mrs Neo J. Masisi, noted that while the HRDC is legally mandated to fulfil its different functions, it is well opportune that it has adopted a well-structured CSR initiative that aims to uplift the lives of the underprivileged.

She further highlighted, ‘‘Tonight Ladies and Gentleman, we are gathered here to raise funds for the construction of a housing unit that will benefit a needy family. The planned shelter will definitely bring both social and economic upliftment to the beneficiary, as not only shelter will be granted but dignity. Children raised in that household will have their dreams renewed and opportunities for them to realise their potential granted.’’

‘‘Madam First Lady, allow me to say how humbled we are as HRDC for you to have so kindly consented to our invitation to officially open this inaugural CSR Gala Dinner this evening. Your presence Madam, away from the many responsibilities that you have and the words of wisdom you have shared with us on this occasion will go a long way, no doubt, in demonstrating your personal commitment to our course. We are indeed delighted that you have spent the evening with us. We appreciate your time’’, said Dr Thapelo Matsheka, the then Board Member of HRDC when presenting the vote of thanks.

The Committee has initiated projects in the following areas; Malatswae Primary School where HRDC supports the school with Stationery and other requests towards the improvement of the learners socio and learning environment; Refurbishing of a library for East Hanahai Primary School as well as contributing towards the construction of a Special Needs Classroom at Bonnington Community Junior Secondary School.

The beneficiary of the house to be constructed will be identified through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. The house will be constructed during 2019/20 financial year.

HRDC raised well over P300 000.00 for the project. Majority of the proceeds will go towards the construction of the house while a portion will be reserved for purchasing some furniture. Guests enjoyed a night of beautiful music by local band Sereetsi and the Natives and Poetry by Moroka Moreri.

The CSR Fundraising Gala Dinner was successfully held through the patronage of various Public and Private Organisations all tables were sold out.



News Date: 
Friday, October 19, 2018