Through the coordination and implementation of the National Human Resource Development Strategy (NHRDS), Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) seeks to drive the national education and training transformation from a supply to a demand driven system.

The department of Human Resource Development Planning (HRDP) – Supply assumes this responsibility of steering and coordinating a robust education and training system that is aligned to Botswana’s policies for economic development and is responsive to the labour market needs.

The HRDP – Supply through the Institutional Planning Unit, continues to work in collaboration with Tertiary Education Providers (TEPs) in developing effective Institutional Plans which are intended to produce quality and knowledgeable graduates with skills that meet the labour market needs.

On the 19th – 20th September 2017, HRDP Supply hosted an Institutional Planning Capacity Building Workshop with TEIs in Kanye. This is a continuation of the countrywide Capacity Building Workshops that the unit is currently undertaking in sharing the roll-out Plan for working with institutions to develop their plans. The Institutional Planner, Mr Bautule Diboko opened the workshop by informing the attendants about the establishment and origins of HRDC, explaining its transformation from the then Tertiary Education Council (T.E.C) to its current status as HRDC. Mr Diboko explained the HRDC’s functions and strategic initiatives which the organisation is undertaking to drive towards its goal of transforming Botswana from a resource based to a knowledge based economy. Mr. Diboko informed the attendants that, according to the Global Competitiveness Report – 2013, there are problematic factors that negatively affect Botswana’s economic overall rankings, among them; poor work ethics in national labour force, inefficient government bureaucracy and access to finance, inadequately educated workforce.

“In this case, as economic drivers, we need to take into consideration all these factors in order to improve the economy of the Country.” added Mr. Diboko. Delivering the key note address during the workshop, the Manager, Institutional Planning Mr. Ralecha Mmatli encouraged Tertiary Education Providers to take the exercise serious as the process will help to improve their programmes and practices.

“Institutions must utilise their resources adequately to meet their intended targets. In order to respond to the skills needs in the labour market, it is important for Tertiary Education Providers to collaborate with relevant organisations and authorities so as to develop plans which are aligned to the strategies and policies that drive the economy” emphasised Mr. Mmatli The Institutional Planner, Mr. Onkabetse Mmereki shared the planning frameworks and Institutional Planning templates with Tertiary Education Providers.

Furthermore, he assisted them to populate the templates that will ultimately assist them to produce their draft Institutional Plans. While sharing the roll - out plan for working with Tertiary Education Providers to develop their plans, Mr. Mmereki encouraged the Institutions to endure any form of challenges that they may encounter while developing their plans. “While undertaking this exercise, it is important to focus on the strategic intent of the Institutional Plans, which trickles down to producing well rounded graduates with skills and knowledge that is relevant to the labour market demands” stated Mr. Mmereki. The workshop was successful as corroborated by the level of interaction showcased by participants who fully engaged with HRDC officials with regards to challenges, opportunities and possible solutions in producing effective Institutional Plans which are responsive to the labour market needs.


News Date: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017