Information and Communication Technology Sector

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is important for sustainable development in all countries. ICT offers the promise of fundamentally changing the lives of most of the world’s population as it affects many of the processes of business and government, how individuals live, work and interact. It is one of the fastest growing and evolving sectors worldwide and therefore, the heart of globalisation as it enables networking of many aspects across the globe. Some of the various forms of ICT include;

•Information technology,

• Broadcasting and print media,

• Telecommunications and

• Postal services.

For the past two decades, most developed countries have observed multi-dimensional changes in almost all aspects of life namely; economics, education, communication, and travel that are attributable to ICT. Recognising the cross cutting nature of ICT and its role in the social and economic development of our country is therefore a window of opportunity for the country, entrepreneurs, employees, students, academics and consumers to leverage on ICT to discover faster ways to achieve economic development.

The following are the names of the Committee members; 

Mr Tshepo Tsheko - Chairperson

Ms Lilly Sullivan – Deputy Chairperson

Ms Malebogo Khanda

Mr Taolo Tsimanyane

Mr Ephraim Kedisang

Ms Ruth B. Kedikilwe

Ms Beenzu S. S. Kapapa

Mr Ishmael Lesolame

Mr Godfrey Mwewa

Mr Komal V. Rao

Mr Bhaskar Nalamalapu

Mr Isaiah Mosutlha

Dr Galani Malatsi