HRDC Embraces Work - Life balance through Athletics

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) athletics team was first established in 2014, with only four members on board. Staff members continued to embrace this sport as membership increased along the years, reaching a total number of 30 by end of the financial year 2016/17.

The team did not only achieve an increase in the number of members, but also experienced a significant improvement in the level of commitment, passion and participation in the sport by members. 

The year 2016/17 was a great success for the HRDC’s long distance athletics team, due to the increased and consistent participation rate from team members in different athletics competitions and registering wins in some challenges.

It was only in 2016/17 that the team managed a podium finish at Botswana Classic Run, Airport Junction Run and Gaborone Half Marathon finishing in 3rd position for the three (3) events.

The team participated in a number of local marathon challenges including; PPC King of the Hill (15kms); Lady Khama Obstacle Challenge; Botswana Independence Half Marathon (10 and 21.1kms); Lady Khama Run 21(10 and 21.1km) and Diacore Gaborone Marathon (10, 21.1 & 42.2kms).

On international level, the team participated at (3) three marathon challenges all hosted in South Africa, those including, the 9th edition of Groot Marico Myl Marathon (42.2 km) in North West, the 27th edition of Old mutual Om Die Dam Ultra Marathon (50kms) in Hartesbeespoort and the Comrades Marathon (89.23kms), Pietermaritzburg Participation in sport is very important as it introduces an element of physical fitness lifestyle, which is important to individual’s wellbeing. The same sentiments were shared by the late, former president of the United States of America, John F Kennedy when he said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”.

It is anticipated that more HRDC staff members will join the athletics club and remain active in many wellness and fitness activities.


News Date: 
Friday, July 7, 2017