The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) developed its second strategic plan which seeks to provide the overarching, system wide goals and strategies that guide HRDC in the next five (5) years. The development of the second strategic plan entailed a process resulting in a shared vision of success through intentional engagement with a variety of targeted stakeholders.

The Board, Executive Management, Staff and other critical stakeholders, saw it fit to gather as a collective and develop the second strategic plan for the period 2021 – 2026. The new strategic plan captures the direction that HRDC seeks to take in order to continue fulfilling its mandate, thereby meeting its objectives in the next five (5) years. HRDC’s new vision statement best captures what drives HRDC forward to its ‘desired future state’ and provides a picture of what success will look like when HRDC realises its strategy.

The new vision statement is;

‘To Transform Botswana into a Globally Competitive Human Resource Hub by 2036’.

HRDC is at its critical time in its history as it has the responsibility to contribute towards the knowledge based economy – hence the new mission statement, serving as a blue print which defines its existence. Essentially, the new mission describes the fundamental purpose and the unmet needs fulfilled for stakeholders.

The new mission statement is;

‘To drive the development of Botswana’s Human Resource to achieve a Knowledge Based Economy through the provision of Policy Advice, Planning, Funding, Coordination and Effective Collaboration.’

In advancing its strategic plan, HRDC has put together core values anchored on the attitudes, behaviours and characters that will create an enabling environment for the successful implementation of the In realising its communication activities, HRDC will continue to hold conversations with valued stakeholders on how the parties can bring the HRDC’s second strategic plan to life. HRDC will pause along the way and revisit the strategic plan (mid – term review) to ascertain if it is on track and if it is moving every strategic objective forward or not. It is during this exercise where HRDC will devise means of ensuring objectives are advanced.

One of the brand ambassadors, a staff member, remarked, “It is the responsibility for all of us, to ensure that our organisation progresses its distinctive competencies, competitive advantages, structural factors and more importantly the stakeholder emerging requirements in view of the mammoth task that is before us of driving Botswana’s human capital agenda”.

In closing during the workshop on the development of HRDC Strategic Plan, the then HRDC Board Chairperson, Ms Moggie M. Mbaakanyi said, “I wish to thank you all for finding it in your busy schedules to come and develop HRDC’s second strategic plan. I was not only impressed with the deliberations for the past three (3) days, but the enthusiasm and the commitment you displayed throughout the workshop. We have set seven (7) strategic priorities and it is my sincere belief that you also view them as remarkable opportunities that will help you to effectively drive the mandate of HRDC, owning this strategic plan, and thinking deeply about how we can all advance our goals through our work should remain everyone’s responsibility. You will agree with me that when we work as a collective and are at our best, we can change our Botswana.”

The findings from the environmental scanning, the SWOT analysis necessitated the attendants to collectively agree that, in line with the aspirations of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), they were going to leverage on information communication and technology and digitisation in order to improve on service delivery. Each value is supported by aspirational statements which serve as guideposts meant to describe the values and how HRDC will discharge them in the next five (5) years.

Going forward, HRDC in getting down to the fundamentals of bringing the strategic plan to life, has also developed a dissemination plan for the entire five (5) years with activities planned to engage different stakeholders. The dissemination plan shares the new HRDC strategic direction, vision, mission and core values.

News Date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2021