Dr Ellah Manyana Matshediso

Director, Human Resource Development Planning (Supply)

Dr Ellah Manyana Matshediso, is the Director Human Resource Development Planning (Supply) at the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC). A structure created to lead and oversee the country’s shift from resource based to human resource based economy. She advises and oversees the Tertiary Education Institutions’ response in the shift. She serves/served in national and international task groups / committees that deals with policy and strategic issues at policy level.  Dr Matshediso is a public health specialist who graduated with Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (DLitt et Phil) from the University of South Africa in 2009.  She also attained Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in United Stated of America in 1999. Before, she graduated with Bachelor of Health Education from the University of Toledo, Ohio, in United Stated of America in 1996.

Prior to joining HRDC, Dr Matshediso worked at the University of Botswana (UB) as Lecturer and later as HIV and AIDS Policy Advisor, and in Government as the Chief, Monitoring and Evaluation and Research under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development in the Department of Primary Health Care. She started her career with the Ministry of Health under Family Health Division. She is passionate about development of young people hence her research work and interest is in adolescent sexual and reproductive health and HIV and AIDS. She has published in reputable journals on topical area: monitoring and evaluation, data management, HIV and AIDS, adolescents and reproductive health. After acquiring her qualification of Public Health Specialist, she joined United Nations Population Fund in1999 to 2005. As the National Sexual and Reproductive Health Coordinator where she lead the country through the paradigm shift of  moving from Maternal and Child Health to Sexual and Reproductive Health.

She is the founder of University of Botswana Red Ribbon Awards (UBRRA), University of Botswana First Year Student HIV and AIDS Message Banquet, Unheard of voices of the Infected and Affected: Art for AIDS Texts. In 2016 the University of Botswana awarded Dr Ellah Manyana Matshediso a leadership award titled “HIV and AIDS Administrative Champion”.