Established as one of the 12 Sector Committees of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), the Mining, Minerals, Energy & Water Resources (MMEWR) Sector Committee was set up to guide the development and implementation of the Sectoral Human Resource Development (HRD) Plans that align labour supply to labour market demand.

The Sector has different Sub - Sectors namely; Mining, Energy, Water, Unions, Education and Training Institutions, Government and Regulatory Bodies.

The MMEWR Sector Committee has developed a draft HRD Plan which is critical in guiding the production of skills and competencies required for the strategic direction of the Sector. It was during this process that research was identified as lacking. A Research Agenda was developed to guide researchers and other stakeholders on research priorities that could grow and sustain the sector.

The objectives of the Research & Development Agenda among others entail; promoting coordination, cooperation and communication of related research and development, to ensure that the research programme for the Sector is adequately funded and directed towards the Sector’s needs and priorities. Furthermore, the Agenda seeks to develop and provide the necessary human resource and capacity to sustain the long term development and management of national resources thereby meeting national targets for the supply and demand.

On the 26th October 2017, MMEWR Sector Committee held a workshop to solicit stakeholders input on the draft Research Agenda under the theme, ‘Evidence Based Research, Gateway To A Knowledge Based Economy’. Delivering the opening remarks at the workshop Mr. Meshack J. Tafa, Chief Operations Officer (HRDC) emphasised that the Research Agenda offers Researchers, Research Funders and other stakeholders some insights into research priority areas within the MMEWR Sector and how funding can contribute to advancements within the Sector.

Presenting the keynote address Professor Read Brown Mthanganyika Mapeo from the University of Botswana noted, ‘’Botswana is operating in a rapidly changing global, social, economic and physical environment, therefore it recognises the need to move towards becoming a knowledge based economy and one of the approaches this can be achieved is through Research and Development. The digital economy has become the driving force of countries such as China and the United States of America. The two countries have made major investments in research and development and it is worth mentioning that developing countries should learn from them.’’

He further noted that the Government of Botswana through various interventions has concluded that the most suitable way of driving economic development is to enhance the role of Research and Development as it stimulates entrepreneurship and private sector growth.

In closing the workshop, Mr. Sebetlela Sebetlela, the then Chairperson of the MMEWR Sector Committee acknowledged and commended the participants for their valuable inputs on the Research Agenda. He assured them that their comments and suggestions will be assessed by the Committee and incorporated into the Research Agenda.


News Date: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017